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The Forest v18.8.15 Arrow keys*
Black dot boulder
Black V mine shaft or cave
Black X man-made object
Brown dot knoll
Green X rootstock
Blue V water hole
Red circle me, the orienteer
(& direction)
by Graham Relf ---- *On touch screens tap inside image edges
Visible range in scene:
(bigger range takes longer to draw)
Stride length in wood:
September 2018: Still enhancing
18.8.15: Detailed route can be plotted at end of orienteering course
18.8.6: New role: expert orienteer sees simpler forest, harder to navigate
18.8.3: Users in course planner role can exchange new courses via a course management page
18.7.30: Orienteers can now choose a score event. Strategy for the highest score in 1 hour?

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