What's new in The Forest (https://www.myforest.uk)

Map showing streams
Streams added 20.3.28

Map showing a path
"Path" added 20.3.28

Part of the map of The Forest
A very small part of the map

Part of a scene in The Forest
Part of the corresponding scene

The Forest running on a smartphone

by Graham Relf

Route taken on short easy course
A route actually taken on the short easy course

A town in the forest
Buildings added 18.10.24

A mineshaft in the wood
Non-orienteers can fall down into the mines

The red queen
Version 19.4.1: this object moves itself around

19.7.24: Teleportation is back!

(If you can find it, as an explorer.)


In reverse order of version numbers, so the most recent changes come first. Version numbers are dates of uploading (yy.mm.dd).

Further enhancements being considered

  1. The ground cover is still untidy. It is a compromise to avoid slowing scene drawing too much. I am still thinking about ways to improve this.
  2. Add profile graphs to the results analysis for orienteers: compare crow-fly profile with that of the route actually taken. Give some statistics of height gain and loss (energy efficiency).
  3. The treasure hunt will continue to have further stages.
  4. Map movement could be speeded up by sliding the part that remains visible and only drawing from scratch the newly revealed part.
  5. More varied content inside buildings.